Flexovit guarantees performance, value, safety and service to all of our customers.

The Flexovit Advantage is our guarantee to our valued customers. When you choose Flexovit, you get more than just top quality abrasives – you get best-in-class performance, value, safety and service. That’s why professionals across the country, and across the world, choose Flexovit for their abrasives needs.


Flexovit wheels grind and cut smoothly, reducing operator fatigue and change-over without compromising wheel life.

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The P.A.C.E. Challenge doesn’t lie - Flexovit wheels deliver market-leading performance at a fair price.

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Manufacturing in the USA under ISO certification using premium raw materials ensures consistent safety and quality.

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Same-day shipping and personal, responsive, reliable communication ensure our customers get exactly what they need, when they need it.

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