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Eagle Safety Products

Kelsea McKeever - Inside Sales

We have worked with Flexovit for about 10 years. I love working with the Customer Service team. Laurie and Bonnie are always very helpful and answer any questions I may have. Orders are shipped quickly and accurately. They always return calls and emails in a timely manner. Also, our customers request Flexovit significantly more than any other abrasive because the quality is great!

E.S. Fox Ltd.

Matt Vint - Corporate Welding Engineer

I have been with ES Fox for the past seven years, and in that time Flexovit has been the only abrasive product supplier. I have had our expert staff members try a variety of products provided by competing brands, but I have consistently received feedback that Flexovit’s wheels are still the preferred product in very instance. I have never had a complaint from our staff at any level or function regarding a Flexovit products. This includes our fabrication, quality and purchasing departments. To me, this means we are getting the product value we are looking for.

E.S. Fox Ltd.

Matt Botbyl - Weld Specialist

I have been with ES Fox for 24 years. For those 24 years we have only used the Flexovit line. We continuously have a variety of work that comes into our shop. In today’s very competitive industry we need a disc that is going to be able to remove a lot of material in the shortest time possible while still producing a quality product. All of Flexovit’s wheel provide great performance, with long durability. Their broad product range gives us the option to use specific discs for required applications, from heavy duty grinding to fine detail polishing on all types of materials. Flexovit has always stood by their products.