Smoother cuts. Longer life.

Flexovit abrasives grind smooth, cool, remove metal faster and last longer than the competition. Our best-in-class performance is the direct result of our commitment to quality materials, processes and research.

Made without compromise

Flexovit depressed center wheels, cutoff wheels and flap discs are manufactured with the best raw materials on the market. There’s no compromise on that - for our customers, only the best will do.

ISO certified for consistent quality

Flexovit is the first North American abrasive manufacturer to achieve ISO certification. With Flexovit, you can count on receiving the same high-performing abrasive product every time.

Our Manufacturing Process

Evaluate the inputs for fitness prior to use.
Monitor and measure the physical manufacturing of the products.
Measure the performance of the products to a determined set of specifications.
Package and ship the products in a specified manner.
Deliver products that perform as specified.

Always Advancing

Flexovit’s Research and Development team continues to advance product performance and technology, engineering a wide variety of abrasive formulations for every application you encounter. If you need to get the job done right, there’s a Flexovit abrasive product for you.