Professional-Grade Abrasives Made in the USA for Over 40 Years

Flexovit USA has been the leading manufacturer of abrasive products for the professional since 1977. Our commitment to performance, value, safety and service, along with our investment in advanced American manufacturing, enable us to make a real difference in our customers’ operations.


Flexovit wheels grind and cut smoothly, reducing operator fatigue and change-over without compromising wheel life.

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The P.A.C.E. Challenge doesn’t lie - Flexovit wheels deliver market-leading performance at a fair price.

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Manufacturing in the USA under ISO certification using premium raw materials ensures consistent safety and quality.

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Same-day shipping and personal, responsive, reliable communication ensure our customers get exactly what they need, when they need it.

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E.S. Fox Limited

Matt Vint P. Eng. – Corporate Welding Engineer

"I have been with E.S. Fox for the past 7 years, and in that time Flexovit has been the only abrasive product supplier that we have used on a regular basis. I have had our expert staff members try a variety of products provided by competing brands, but I have consistently received feedback that the Flexovit brands are still the preferred product in every instance. From my perspective, that type of feedback speaks for itself."