Flexovit Canada Price Increase Notification 2021

To our valued Customers

Due to recent unexpected and unprecedented cost increases for most raw material including resin, abrasives and fiberglass as well as transportation and labor Flexovit Canada Abrasives Ltd will be adjusting our prices effective October 4th, 2021. The increases will be between 0% and 3.5% depending on the products.

As part of our ongoing initiative to reduce our environmental impact, we can also email invoices and statements.  We urge you to consider this important program and provide us with appropriate email contact information.

This price list will supersede all previous price lists.  Orders received prior to October 4th,  2021 will be billed at current prices if immediate shipment is authorized.  Orders received on, or those specifying shipment after October 4th, 2021, will be billed at the new prices.

Please fill out the form below to update your contact information and request the price list document.

2021 Canada Price Increase Request

Please update your contact information below to request the price increase document. If you have any questions please contact us at 1-800-689-3539.

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