Tornado Quick Mount Flap Discs

Quick Mount Flap Discs

Flexovit offers an entire line of quick mount flap discs for all of your grinding, blending, deburring and finishing needs. Flap discs offer extended life and consistent cut rates and metal removal over traditional coated discs. Flaps wear evenly, continuously exposing new grain.

Tornado™ Quick Change

Nylon Back Rolon

Flexovit Tornado Quick Change discs are made of a Zirconia material can be used on a variety of materials including steel, stainless and aluminum. The key benefits to the Tornado Quick Change discs are that they provide the same long life performance of a flap disc, and since they have more material than a single layer laminated disc there is more metal removal. The tough nylon backing is molded in one piece resulting in a perfectly centered button ensuring smooth and wobble-free operation. Due to the way the backing is molded the risk of button failure is virtually eliminated. Quick Change mini flap discs require less pressure and are well suited for use on mini grinders.

Tornado™ Quick Change Discs are available in grits ZA40-R, ZA60-R, ZA80-R and ZA120-R and are available in 2″ and 3″ diameter.



Nylon Back

Flexovit TORNADO™ Type 29 Nylon Back Flap Discs are made with a nylon backing which incorporates an integrated 5/8-11 spin-on thread for quick mounting, and cooling vents for reducing heat buildup. The trimmable nylon back will not burn like standard plastic backers when trimmed. Premium zirconia abrasive cloth will not contaminate stainless steel.

Tornado™ Flap Discs are available in grits ZA40, ZA60, ZA80, ZA120 and are available in 4-1/2″, 5″ and 6″ diameter with a 5/8-11 arbor.



Tornado™ X-LOCK

X-LOCK Quick Mount and Release

Flexovit Tornado™ X-LOCK Type 29 Nylon Back Flap Discs are made with an X-LOCK arbor that is also compatible with a standard 7/8″ arbor tool. The X-LOCK quick mounting and releasing arbor is designed for use on X-LOCK compatible grinders.

Flexovit X-LOCK discs are available in grits ZA40, ZA60 and ZA80 in 4-1/2″ diameter.

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