Flexovit USA, Inc. a Letter from our President & CEO

To our valued customers,
Flexovit USA, Inc. is unwavering in its mission to be your most valued supplier of abrasive products to those that require the highest levels of product quality and service. As an industry leader, our aim is to continuously supply abrasive products to meet your requirements regardless of market conditions. 

As the news regarding the corona virus is all encompassing and sometimes overwhelming, our hope is that your business operations are not severely impacted by interruptions. We are cognizant of the supply issues from the Pacific Rim countries, and from European suppliers. Rest assured, the Flexovit USA, Inc. business focuses on “Made in America” and is ready and capable of filling all your product needs. 

Our manufacturing facility in Angola, NY is operating in normal planning mode with the latest automated technological equipment. We strategically possess top quality raw materials to manufacture and fulfill all your future requirements. 

Thank you for your business, should you have any questions feel free to call, we are ready to serve you. 

Thomas Calabrese
President & CEO
Flexovit USA, Inc. 
Flexovit Canada Abrasives Ltd. 
Flexovit de Latinoamerica S. de R.L. de C.V.