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100th Anniversary of Bickles Hardware & Supply

Flexovit Canada Abrasives was honored to be an invited participant in the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Bickles Hardware & Supply.   On Saturday, August 24th, Main Street, Niagara Falls was turned into a huge block party celebration and sale of the century.  Suppliers displayed and demonstrated their product lines.  The main event stage featured live bands and radio broadcast, along with the raffle of a fabulous 2019 Toyota Tundra, with food provided by several food trucks. The highlight of the day was the unveiling of a 5 ton, life-size sculpture recreating the iconic 1932 photo of ironworkers sharing lunch atop a steel beam while building the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.

Flexovit Canada Abrasives participate in the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Bickles Hardware & Supply.


Flexovit USA, Inc. has introduced E.T.™ – Ergonomic Technology- a new saucer shaped wheel!

E.T.™ grinding wheels feature a ‘built-in’ grinding angle, which allows the operator to keep their elbow lower and their shoulder more relaxed than they would with a Type 27 or Type 28 wheel. This patent pending ergonomic design reduces worker fatigue.

The E.T.™ shape also provides aggressive metal removal with less pressure, and without gouging the work surface. It is intended for both flat surfaces, and rugged edge grinding or beveling. It is especially effective on curved surfaces, where the operator must reach or stretch to perform the job.

E.T.™ wheels are designed to fit under standard angle grinder guards. They are built with 3 full layers of high tensile fiberglass reinforcement for maximum workplace safety.

Established in Angola, New York, in 1977, Flexovit USA is a manufacturer of high productivity abrasive products for portable power tools. Flexovit manufactures grinding wheels, cutting wheels, and abrasive flap discs at their 100,000 square foot ISO Quality Certified manufacturing facility. Flexovit manufactures products that are supplied to professional welding, industrial, and construction trade users through authorized Distributors in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Check out our E.T. video on Youtube

Telegraph Road Race

August 12, 2018 – Herman Van Leeuwen hosted the 7th annual Telegraph Road Race at Flexovit USA, Inc. in Angola, NY. Herman is the MIS Supervisor at Flexovit and is a member of the Checkers Running Club. Each year he hosts the Telegraph Road Race at different locations, and each year donations raised go to a charity of his choice.

This year, Telegraph Road Race raised $1,400 from 60 runners for Footsteps of Western New York. Footsteps of Western New York is a foundation to help children and adults who suffer from cerebral palsy.

The objective of the Telegraph Road Race is to listen to “Telegraph Road”—a song by Dire Straits—for 14 minutes and 18 seconds and run as far as you can.

This year’s male winner was Christopher Smykal with a distance of 2.5 miles, and this year’s female winner was Sabrina Quiros with a distance of 1.93 miles!

Once the Telegraph Road Race came to a finish, Flexovit’s plant manager Bob Riehle gave a tour of the manufacturing facility, and Josue Natal, the grinding test technician, gave a grinding demo to conclude the event.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and helped an important cause!

What Makes Flexovit’s Razorblade Line The Best On The Market?

When it comes to high-volume cutting, you need a wheel that cuts fast, lasts a long time, and brings a high level of safety. You need the hardest working cutoff wheel on the market. Metal workers know that angle grinder cutoff wheels aren’t an area you can afford to skimp on. Flexovit knows this as well, which is why we’ve spent over 20 years refining our Razorblade line of thin cutoff wheels to optimize value and improve your bottom line. Razorblades are our most popular wheel, and with good reason.
What are Razorblade Wheels?
The Razorblade line is a series of thin cutoff wheels for use with angle grinders. The Razorblade line includes seven variations, each intentionally designed to meet a different set of needs.

● Razorblade, for long life
● Razorblade EZ, for fast cutting
● Razorblade HD, for heavy duty use
● Razorblade 27 SS, for free cutting on stainless steel
● Razorblade ALU, for load free cutting on aluminum
● Razor Thin, thin profile for narrowest kerf
● Razor Combo, for cutting, deburring and light grinding

Razorblade wheels were all designed with extra durable bond formulations, and for fast cutting action with narrow kerf.

What makes Razorblade wheels so great? Flexovit has devoted decades to research and improvement in three key areas: value, safety, and quality.
The Most Bang For Your Buck
Razorblade cutoff wheels comes in both Type 1 (flat) and Type 27 (depressed center). There are product options available for cutting all ferrous metals, stainless steel and aluminum (as well as non-ferrous metals like bronze and copper). They’re available in sizes from 4” to 7”, and are available in seven specifications. In short, Razorblade wheels are amazingly versatile, offering options that suit a wide variety of needs and applications.

What makes Razorblade wheels the best value isn’t just their versatility and flexible product offerings, though. We’re confident that our wheels will outperform any other wheel on the market. In fact, we challenge you to come in and see for yourself with our P.A.C.E. Challenge.

Below is real data from past P.A.C.E. Challenges, in which a Flexovit Razorblade wheel performed in head-to-head matchups with various competitor products. In these tests, plunge cuts were made until the point at which the flange did not allow a complete top-to-bottom cut due to wear on the wheel.

*Plunge cuts on ½” Sch 40 pipe (area 1.5 per cut) at 10 amps.
**All wheels are 4 ½” x 7/8” Type 1 thin cutoff wheels

Razorblade wheels consistently deliver the most work per penny, making the most cuts before wearing out. We know that changing and mounting new wheels is a hassle that takes several minutes each time, so we design all our wheels to last longer than competing products.
The Safest Construction
When you have a wheel spinning at high RPM’s, safety is your top priority. If that wheel cracks, it quickly disintegrates, scattering dangerous wheel fragments at high speed. Of course, workers should always take proper safety precautions including wearing protective eyewear and clothing, using proper safety guards on power tools, respecting maximum RPM ratings marked on the wheel, and other precautions consistent with ANSI Code B7.1. But isn’t it better to also use wheels whose safety features are the best on the market?

Resinoid-reinforced cutoff wheels, including Razorblade wheels, are constructed with fiberglass to prevent them from breaking. In order for the fiberglass to bond with the wheel matrix, it must be coated with phenolic resin before inclusion in the wheel. Since the resin coating gets drier with time, it is important that the coated and cut fiberglass is used within a certain time frame. Most manufacturers buy pre-coated, precut fiberglass for inclusion in their wheels. However, Flexovit coats and cuts the fiberglass at our plant as part of our manufacturing process. This means that the fiberglass is always freshly coated, which creates a more unified bond with the matrix of resin and grain when the wheel is produced. Because we have more control over this process, our fiberglass reinforcement gives the wheel strength to resist centrifugal and side load forces. It boils down to this: freshly-coated fiberglass creates a better bond, which results in a safer product. With in-house fiberglass coating and cutting, Flexovit maintains a significantly higher degree of quality control when it comes to the safety and performance of our grinding wheels.
USA Made For Controlled Manufacturing
We also maintain a high degree of control over the rest of our production processes. Razorblade wheels, like all Flexovit resin-bonded wheels, are made right here in the United States. And that’s important, because it means we retain control over every aspect of production. Our raw materials are sourced domestically, and all of our production happens in-house. We’re proud to be a USA manufacturer who supports other USA manufacturers. Flexovit Razorblades are made without compromise in the USA.

Flexovit is committed to following strict manufacturing standards and safe product use, and these standards are carried into each and every one of our production processes. Flexovit’s Quality System is ISO certified, so you can count on every item being produced in exactly the same way, with the same results.
The Longest Lasting, Hardest Working Cutoff Wheel You Can Buy
Razorblade wheels offer the longest life in the toughest applications. They’re an essential tool in any metalworking facility that consistently outlast, out-cut, and outperform other wheels on the market.

Flexovit earns excellence award

Flexovit USA, Inc. has been awarded the 2018 Award for General Excellence at the sixth annual Buffalo Business First Manufacturing Awards honoring “companies that are making a difference in Western New York through employment, innovation and community involvement.”

“We are honored to be selected as a Manufacturer of Distinction by Western New York’s Business First,” says Flexovit CEO Mr. Tom Calabrese.  “It is a tribute to all of the excellent employees within our company that have focused on continuous manufacturing improvements, world class technology and active contributions in our community.”

Established in Angola, New York, in 1977, Flexovit USA is a manufacturer of high productivity abrasive products for portable power tools.  Flexovit manufactures grinding wheels, cutting wheels, and abrasive flap discs at their 100,000 square foot ISO Quality Certified manufacturing facility.  Flexovit USA manufactured products are supplied to professional welding, industrial, and construction trade users through authorized Distributors in USA, Canada and Mexico.

The annual business awards are sponsored by Buffalo Business First, the Erie County Industrial Development Agency, Insyte Consulting, and KeyBank.  The award was presented at an awards breakfast on May 15, 2018.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Pierre Hawkins at 716-549-5100 x 273.

Flexovit USA, Inc. 1305 Eden Evans Center Road Angola, NY 14006


Pictured left to right: Pierre Hawkins Director of Sales & Marketing, Bob Riehle Director of Manufacturing and Human Resources, Alex Brunelle Director of Finance, Tom Calabrese President & CEO.


Flexovit Celebrates 40 Years of Manufacturing in the USA

“Since making our first grinding wheel in July 1977, Flexovit has followed a course of continuous quality improvement and manufacturing innovation,” says Pierre Hawkins, Director of Sales and Marketing. “This year we are proudly putting the finishing touches on one of the most advanced grinding wheel factories anywhere in the world, right here in the United States.”

The company manufactures abrasive grinding and cutting wheels as well as flap discs at the plant in Angola NY. Flexovit USA markets an array of bonded & coated abrasives, non-woven abrasives, carbide burs, wire brushes, and construction diamond blades. Flexovit operates four distribution centers in the United States, Canada and Mexico, offering same-day delivery to authorized distributors throughout North America.

In 1995 Flexovit was the first American grinding wheel manufacturer to achieve ISO Quality Certification, and is currently working towards the latest ISO 9001 standard.

“Flexovit has overcome its share of challenges,” notes Hawkins acknowledging the hard work and expertise of a dedicated team of employees. As to the future, he relates, “Flexovit is very confident that that the combination of continuous quality and process improvement, a focus on the customer as partner, and the diligence of our exceptional workforce will result in growth for years to come, right here in Western New York State.”

For further information please contact Flexovit USA, Inc. at 1-800-689-3539.

Flexovit marks its 40th anniversary this year. Here’s how its facility appeared in the 1970s.