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Phazer® The Newest Non-Woven Flap Disc

Flexovit USA, Inc. has introduced Phazer® – a new non-woven flap disc!

Phazer is a Type 29, 4-1/2 and 5-inch non-woven flap disc, available in four grits: Course, medium, fine and extra fine.

Phazer is great to use for surface preparation on metal, concrete, plastic, fiberglass and wood making it one of the most versatile non-woven products. Excellent for removing surface defects, light edge burrs, parting lines, flashings, rust, oxides, corrosion, paints and scale.

Established in Angola, New York, in 1977, Flexovit USA is a manufacturer of high productivity abrasive products for portable power tools.  Flexovit manufactures grinding wheels, cutting wheels, and abrasive flap discs at their 100,000 square foot ISO Quality Certified manufacturing facility.  Flexovit manufactures products that are supplied to professional welding, industrial, and construction trade users through authorized Distributors in USA, Canada and Mexico.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Pierre Hawkins at

716-549-5100 x 273.

Flexovit USA, Inc. 1305 Eden Evans Center Road Angola, NY 14006

What are non-woven abrasives?

What are non-woven abrasives?

Non-woven abrasives are a three-dimensional web of fibers with globules of resin and abrasive embedded into the network of fibers. Typically, the fibers are nylon or another synthetic material. The abrasive types can range from silicon carbide to aluminum oxide or ceramic alumina. Non-woven materials are converted into belts, discs, pads, flap wheels and flap discs to fit a variety of power tools.


Due to the three-dimensional structure, the finish is determined by grades rather than grit size,

and a range of grits are used to determine the grade. A finer grade offers a smoother finish, while coarse grades are good for cutting through heavy scale and debris for surface preparation.


Behavior of Non-woven abrasives

The three-dimensional network of fibers can compress like a sponge, or a spring, to help control

the rate of cut. This allows the abrasive to better conform to the surface without gouging, scratching, or causing other grinding defects. Non-wovens are a good choice for cleaning and surface preparation, as well as finishing operations such as deburring, polishing, and decorative finishing. While non-woven materials are extremely versatile, they are not the optimal choice for heavy material removal.


Workpiece materials

Non-woven abrasives are effective for use on stainless steel, standard or alloyed steel, nonferrous materials and alloys, aluminum, titanium, fiberglass, plastic and wood.


How to use

Non-woven abrasive grade, operating speed and pressure can be used to achieve the desired finish.  Different materials may require different grades, speeds, and various pressures.


Abrasive grade

Coarse:  For removing scale, rust, heavy deburring, flashings, paint and coatings.

Medium:  For lighter surface prep and cleaning, weld cleaning, blending, light deburring.

Fine: For light cleaning, blending and finishing.

Extra Fine: For final finishing and polishing, decorative finishing.


In general, coarser grades will leave deeper scratches on the work surface, and finer grades will leave less scratches.  Materials may require a coarser grade initially, followed by a progression though finer grades to achieve desired finish.


Operating speed

Non-woven abrasives are most effective between 2,000 – 9,000 SFPM, depending on the tool, the workpiece material, and the desired finish.  The operating speed of the non-woven material determines the rate of cut. Lower operating speeds are suitable for cleaning, higher speeds are used for better polishing action.  Because of this, variable speed tools are useful because they can be set to operate at the different speeds needed to clean, deburr, and polish. As always with abrasive products, never operate the non-woven product at speeds that exceed the maximum R.P.M. marked on the product.



For cleaning and decorative finishing, lighter pressure ranges are used. For deburring and polishing of hard materials such as steel, more pressure should be applied. Light to medium pressure is recommended for non-woven materials, generally between 3-6 pounds. The 3-D structure of the non-woven material controls the rate of cut, so excessive pressure will not result in improved polishing or cutting rate, and will cause wear of the non-woven material.



Flexovit has introduced their brand new Phazer Non-Woven Flap Disc. This new flap disc is available in Type 29, 4-½ and 5 inch diameters and is available in Coarse (brown), Medium (maroon), Fine (green) and Extra Fine (blue). These discs are highly effective in surface preparation on metal, concrete, plastic, fiberglass, and wood making them one of the most versatile non-woven products. They are excellent for removing surface defects, light edge burs, parting lines, flashing, rust, oxides, corrosion, paint, and scale. Phazer has been designed with all of your maintenance, industrial and DIY projects in mind.


In addition to Phazer Flexovit also offers a wide range of non-woven materials in belts, discs, pads, and flap wheels.


USA Made For Controlled Manufacturing

Flexovit is committed to following strict manufacturing standards and safe product use. These standards are carried into each of our production processes. Flexovit’s Quality System is ISO certified, so you can count on every item being produced in exactly the same way, with the same results.


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Flexovit USA, Inc. a Letter from our President & CEO

To our valued customers,
Flexovit USA, Inc. is unwavering in its mission to be your most valued supplier of abrasive products to those that require the highest levels of product quality and service. As an industry leader, our aim is to continuously supply abrasive products to meet your requirements regardless of market conditions. 

As the news regarding the corona virus is all encompassing and sometimes overwhelming, our hope is that your business operations are not severely impacted by interruptions. We are cognizant of the supply issues from the Pacific Rim countries, and from European suppliers. Rest assured, the Flexovit USA, Inc. business focuses on “Made in America” and is ready and capable of filling all your product needs. 

Our manufacturing facility in Angola, NY is operating in normal planning mode with the latest automated technological equipment. We strategically possess top quality raw materials to manufacture and fulfill all your future requirements. 

Thank you for your business, should you have any questions feel free to call, we are ready to serve you. 

Thomas Calabrese
President & CEO
Flexovit USA, Inc. 
Flexovit Canada Abrasives Ltd. 
Flexovit de Latinoamerica S. de R.L. de C.V. 

Flexovit Releases O.T.G. Abrasive Wheels

Flexovit USA has introduced O.T.G. – OFF THE GRID abrasive wheels designed specifically for cordless power tools. The new OFF THE GRID line includes O.T.G. depressed center grinding wheels, RAZORBLADE O.T.G. depressed center cutoff wheels, and ZIRC O.T.G. zirconia flap discs.

O.T.G. – OFF THE GRID abrasive products extend cordless tool runtime by 30% to 80% before requiring a recharge, compared to conventional abrasive wheels. The patent pending formulation and design delivers high metal removal rates comparable to Flexovit’s high productivity grinding and cutting wheels, while optimizing the available power.

O.T.G. – OFF THE GRID products will increase productivity and reduce battery change downtime on all metalworking and fabricating jobs where a cordless angle grinder/sander is the tool of choice.

Flexovit Celebrates 40 Years of Manufacturing in the USA

“Since making our first grinding wheel in July 1977, Flexovit has followed a course of continuous quality improvement and manufacturing innovation,” says Pierre Hawkins, Director of Sales and Marketing. “This year we are proudly putting the finishing touches on one of the most advanced grinding wheel factories anywhere in the world, right here in the United States.”

The company manufactures abrasive grinding and cutting wheels as well as flap discs at the plant in Angola NY. Flexovit USA markets an array of bonded & coated abrasives, non-woven abrasives, carbide burs, wire brushes, and construction diamond blades. Flexovit operates four distribution centers in the United States, Canada and Mexico, offering same-day delivery to authorized distributors throughout North America.

In 1995 Flexovit was the first American grinding wheel manufacturer to achieve ISO Quality Certification, and is currently working towards the latest ISO 9001 standard.

“Flexovit has overcome its share of challenges,” notes Hawkins acknowledging the hard work and expertise of a dedicated team of employees. As to the future, he relates, “Flexovit is very confident that that the combination of continuous quality and process improvement, a focus on the customer as partner, and the diligence of our exceptional workforce will result in growth for years to come, right here in Western New York State.”

For further information please contact Flexovit USA, Inc. at 1-800-689-3539.

Flexovit marks its 40th anniversary this year. Here’s how its facility appeared in the 1970s.